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Mighty Empires Wikipedia

Mighty Empires was a board game published by Games Workshop. It was intended to add a strategic layer to Warhammer Fantasy Battle giving rise to campaigns where the results of one battle would affect later battles, although the game included simple point based rules if the players did not have Warhammer Fantasy Battle or were unwilling to play out each battle.Designed by: Rick Priestley, Nigel Stillman

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Mighty Empires is both a strategic layer to the Warhammer: The Mass Combat Fantasy Roleplaying Game 1st Edition system and a boardgame in its own right. It allows players of the miniature game to manage a kingdom, explore the world, and attempt to conquer other kingdoms, but it also can be played standalone as a fantasy wargame.

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Mighty Empires, the first Warhammer Expansion, enables you to fight sweeping campaigns throughout the Warhammer World. The flexible tilebased map system ensures that no two campaigns need be the same. The plastic map tiles are extremely versatile and with the exception of the mountain tiles all the tiles are doublesided.


Mighty empires of the world clash in the Dystopian Age. Armoured Clash is a 10mm or 1:160 scale game. It is a game of land battles as the mighty empires of the world clash in the varied landscapes of the Dystopian Age as they attempt to establish colonies, conquer enemy territory and claim the riches of the land for themselves.

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