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RussoSwedish War 17881790 Wikipedia

OverviewPreparations for the warBackgroundThe warAftermathBibliographyThe Swedes initially planned a naval assault on Saint Petersburg. One Swedish army was to advance through Finland a second army, accompanied by the Swedish coastal flotilla, was to advance along the Finnish coast into the Gulf of Finland while a third army sailed with the Swedish battlefleet in order to land at Oranienbaum to advance on Saint Petersburg. The goal was to instigate a coup de 233tat in Russia and depose Empress Catherine II of Russia. Sveaborgwas set as the forward base of operations for the camWikipedia 183 CCBYSA

RussoSwedish War 17411743 Wikipedia

OverviewSwedish preparationsFirst year of the warSecond year of the warThird year of the warTreaty of 197boSee alsoBibliographyThe RussoSwedish War of 17411743 also known as The War of the Hats was instigated by the Hats, a Swedish political party that aspired to regain the territories lost to Russia during the Great Northern War, and by French diplomacy, which sought to divert Russias attention from supporting its longstanding ally the Habsburg monarchy in the War of the Austrian Succession. The war was a disaster for Sweden, which lost more territory to Russia. Wikipedia 183 CCBYSA

RussoSwedish War 17411743 Military Wiki Fandom

Swedish PreparationsFirst Year of The WarSecond Year of The WarThird Year of The WarTreaty of 197boBibliographyIn the summer of 1740, the commander of Swedish forces in Finland, General Carl Cronstedt, was removed from his post due to his opposition to the planned war and Charles Emil Lewenhaupt was elevated to the vacant position. However, Finnish defenses had fallen into disrepair as most of the funds for their support were used elsewhere in the kingdom. Neither had any preparations been made as a result of what had taken place in the Great Northern War. In the end what funds that were allocated for

RussoSwedish War 17881790 Military Wiki Fandom

The RussoSwedish War of 17881790 was, overall, mostly insignificant for the parties involved. Catherine II regarded the war against her Swedish cousin as a substantial distraction, as her land troops were tied up in the war against Turkey, and she was likewise concerned with revolutionary events unfolding in the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth the 3 May Constitution and in France the French

RussoSwedish War 17881790 geni family tree

RussoSwedish War 17881790 The RussoSwedish War of 17881790, known as Gustav IIIs Russian War in Sweden, Gustav IIIs War in Finland and Catherine IIs Swedish War in Russia, was fought between Sweden and Russia from June 1788 to August 1790. Background. The conflict was initiated by King Gustav III of Sweden for domestic political reasons. Despite having establishing

Russo Swedish War

The RussoSwedish War took place from 1741 to 1743. In the history of Sweden, this is recalled as the Hats Russian War and in Finland it is recalled as the Hats war. The war, regardless of what name is used to recall it, was started by the Hats. The Hats were a political party in Sweden

RussoSwedish War 165658 Military Wiki Fandom

The RussoSwedish War of 16561658 was fought by Russia and Sweden as a theater of the Second Northern War. It took place during a pause in the contemporary RussoPolish War 16541667 as a consequence of the Truce of Vilna. Despite initial successes, Tsar Alexis of Russia failed to secure his...

RussoSwedish War 14951497 Wikipedia

The RussoSwedish War of 14951497 was a result of an alliance between Grande Prince Ivan III of Moscow and Hans of Denmark, who was waging war against the Sture family of Sweden in the hope of regaining the Swedish throne. It is believed that Hans promised to concede some stretches of Finnish lands to the Muscovite prince, although he did not bother to honour the agreement after he had been crowned King of Sweden

RussoSwedish Wars RussoSwedish history Britannica

Other articles where RussoSwedish Wars is discussed: Sweden: The reign of Gustav II Adolf: The war with Russia was fought more successfully, however, with Swedish armies even reaching Moscow. Russia was thereby forced to agree to the Treaty of Stolbovo in 1617, by the terms of which Sweden acquired the provinces of Ingria and Kexholm. The war with Poland continuedOpium Wars Definition, Summary, Facts, amp Causes BritannicaNov 17, 2020Balkan Wars Facts, Causes, Map, amp Significance BritannicaSep 30, 2020

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