Software: Adobe Audition

On this page, we look at Adobe Audition, an ideal software package for those looking to record, edit and mix from home

What is Adobe Audition?

It’s a fully-featured audio editing package that’s available for the PC or Mac. It was originally known under the name Cool Edit Pro, until it was bought by Adobe back in 2003.

Adobe Audition allows you to do the following:

  • Record audio onto your computer (direct recording of voice, or importing of music and sound effects from a range of formats)
  • Editing audio – Precise editing of recorded sound
  • Adjusting and altering audio – Fixing glitches, removing pops and crackle, filtering hiss and background noise, etc
  • Adding effects: Pitch shift, echo, reverb, delay, etc
  • Multitrack mixing: Taking recorded components of audio from different sources and allowing a “mix” to be made


Adobe Audition Workspace

Adobe Audition showing a multitrack session in progress



Editing with Adobe Audition

Audition is great for ediuting audio – not only can it be used for removing coughs, ‘erms’ and outtakes, it can also be used to clean up audio – removing clicks, pops, hiss and hum. Below is a screenshot of Audition editing a stereo audio file


Adobe Audition Audio Editing View

Editing Stereo Audion with Adobe Audition


There are multiple levels of undo with Audition, so recovering from mistakes is straightforward.

Multi-track with Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition allows you to add and mix up to 128 tracks of either mono or stereo audio, and then mix down your audio to a single two-track stereo audio file. Pictured below is a screenshot of an Audition multitrack session. Here we’re inserting a jingle (track 1) between two bits of speech (track 2), and dipping out the music bed (track 3)


Adobe Audition Multitrack

A multitrack session on Adobe Audition



Adobe Audition Availability

Adobe Audition BoxAt the time of writing, the latest version is Audition 4 (also known as Audition CS5.5). This was released in the first half of 2011, and is the first version that can be run on the Apple Mac OS as well as Windows.

Audition typically costs close to the £300 mark, and is available direct from Adobe UK (Audition at Adobe UK) or online from Amazon (Audition at

TIP! If you’re planning to use Audition in the education environment, you can get a significant discount for the educational version from Adobe UK


Alternatives to Audition?

Adobe Audition isn’t the cheapest package out there, but it’s one of the best for its price range. If you’re looking for something cheaper, then the obvious alternative is Audacity. This is a free package, and does much of what Audition can do, but with some limitations. For more, see our Audacity Guide.

Audition How To

If we see enough demand from our site visitors, we may add a “How To” section on how to use Audition for various tasks. If you’d like to find out more about how to do something with this package, please get in touch with our team and we’ll see if we can create a quick guide for you.


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