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There are two key factors to consider if you’re going to be using microphones in a home environment:

  • The dangers of background noise
  • The “sound” of your recording room

If you’re suffering from either of these, you may find that our article How To Reduce Background Noise offers some cheap tricks. Otherwise, you’re in the realms of ‘treating’ your room.

Here are a few solutions to consider:

An Acoustic Reflector

We’re big fans of the SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter Vocal Booth. A long name, for a great product. Pictured below, the Reflexion screws onto your mic stand and is a semi-circle that cocoons your mic. It’s very good at killing room reflections and reducing noise from behind a mic

SE Electronics Reflexion Voice Booth

SE Electronics Reflexion Vocal Filter Booth

There are two versions of the Reflexion – A Project and a Pro – For more information, see SE Electronics Reflexion Vocal Booth

Acoustic Treatment

There’s all sorts of stuff available. For panels, ceiling traps, scatter blocks, control columns and wall acoustic treatment, take a look at the Gear4Music Acoustic Treatment and Sound Insulation microsite.


We’ll be adding more about the various ways to treat your home recording studio shortly. In the meantime, if you have any tips or advice that’s worked for you, please add it in the comments below.

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