Olympus Linear Portable Recorders

If you’re looking for  a portable and flexible recorder, you might want to consider the Olympus LS range. The guys behind this website own three of these, and for the price, they’re great.

The range, including the Olympus LS-3, LS-5, LS-10, LS-11 and LS-20M are powerful little voice catchers. Here are the highlights:

Olympus LS Recorder Features:

Olympus LS-11 Linear Recorder

  • Linear recording – Record as WAV with no compression
  • Lightweight and no moving parts
  • Stereo Mics built-in
  • Accepts external Mic and Line Level via 3.5mm jacks
  • Built-in stereo speakers / Headphone socket
  • Built-in memory, plus supports SD memory cards
  • Transfers audio via USB
  • Various quality settings
  • Supports recording and playback of MP3 files
  • Controls include recording level, Mic sensitivity and Low Cut
  • Most models powered by 2 x AA batteries

We’re actually using these recorders in a couple of different ways. They make a great tool for location recording. One of our team works on some podcasting projects, and his Olympus LS-11 is great for recording in the field, especially with an external mic, more suited to interviewing. Our older LS-10 is used as a studio machine, allowing audio to be dubbed and transferred without tying up a computer. It makes for a handy replacement to a portable DAT recorder for moving audio around.

Olympus LS-10 Voice Recorder

The Olympus LS-10 Voice Recorder in the field

Olympus LS Connectors

Here’s a picture of the two sides of our Olympus LS-10 recorder, showing off the various sockets and controls

Left Side of Olympus LS Voice Recorder

Left Side of Olympus LS Voice Recorder

On the left, you’ll see the headphone socket, volume control, concealed USB socket and power switch

Right Side of Olympus LS Voice Recorder

Right Side of Olympus LS Voice Recorder

Now, looking at the right, you’ll see the Low Cut, Mic Sensitivity, recording level control, https://livedealercasino.online/roulette/ Mic Input and Line In sockets


More on the Olympus Voice Recorders

We’ll be adding more on these recorders, and how to use them, in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please use the following links for more on the Olympus range:

  • Olympus LS-10 – The first of the range, 2GB memory and bundled with CuBase4  LE software. Now replaced by the LS5
  • Olympus LS11 – An update to the LS-10, this has 8GB, comes with CuBase 4 LE, plus minor improvements
  • Olympus LS-5 – Essentially replaces the older LS-10. 2GB of memory, but cheaper as it’s not bundled with CuBase
  • Olympus LS-20M – Now with added video. Still great for voice, but with a rechargeable battery and an HD video recorder
  • Olympus LS-3 – This model comes with the two stereo mics and a third omni-directional mic – 4GB of memory, and cheaper as it doesn’t come with CuBase
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